Our clients trust us to forge their vision into a reality. And that's a responsibility we take to heart. We are privileged to be able to work with some of the most talented and creative teams in the world, and we strive everyday to represent our client's brands in the best way possible. Our client relationships are built on a strong foundation of mutual respect and understanding, a shared vision and aspiration for incredible outcomes. 



Since 1969, Signaction has been helping businesses and brands grow. We started out as a fledgling team of signwriters and built upon our core business - the art of captivating the public. In essence not much has changed, only we have a team of over 30 highly skilled staff, have successfully completed over 80,000 jobs and now operate on a global scale. What got us here? Innovation, knowhow and a tonne of passion for what we do. With the hard work of our amazing team and the support of our clients, we think we make some pretty cool stuff. 







Our business model is unique - we have all of our resources under one roof. We conceptualise, plan, fabricate and finish everything in-house. This way we uphold the high standard of work which we are known for. We look at our workshop as a place of childlike wonder, the source of endless possibility,

each project a catalyst for a whirlwind of sawing hammering, spray-painting and polishing. There's a sort of magic in watching your brands and concepts come to life, and it's probably why we love what we do so much.





1. Sign

/sʌɪn/ definition

noun: sign; plural noun: signs

A gesture, object, notice or action used to convey information

symbol, mark, cipher, brand, letter, character, numeral, figure, type, code, notice, insignia


2. Action

/ˈakʃ(ə)n/ definition

noun: action; plural noun: actions

The way in which something works or moves.

activity, movement, performance, work, performing, reaction, execution, energy, drive


Our company name reflects our history, when we started out simply hand-painting signs and bending neon. The number 9 in our name singularizes the year of our inception, 1969. The word 'Sign' still rings true for us - semiotics are still what encompasses our field. 'Action' is a word that embodies us well - we activate, build and empower your brand message. 



 "Signaction are an integral part of the Campari GTR Pacific team who deliver outstanding results from an installation, marketing and creative development perspective.  In a fast paced business environment Signaction’s passion, knowledge along with commitment to getting the job done ensures Campari’s brands are represented the right way."  


"Signaction's ability to deliver projects on time with often tight timelines and at a high level of quality has enabled us to drive innovation and consumer engagement in airports across Australia"


"We have used Signaction for all our GTR brand activations and have always been very impressed by the end result. Our recent Kraken Spiced Rum display at Sydney Airport was a case in point – innovation design and high quality finishes resulted in a visually stunning display."


 "I can’t speak highly enough of the Signaction team. We often have numerous activations on the go at one time and their expertise, quality of work, alongside their collaborative nature, make them a pleasure to deal with, giving us the confidence to know the outcome will be of the high quality we and our customers expect. Even when deadlines are looming, the team stay calm and get the job done."  



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